I’ve been on this new medication for two weeks now and all I can say is that it is just adding to my drug system.  I tried to upload a video for you to see but it didn’t work. Note that in the past, the jerks were only in my abdominal area and the past two months or so, it has now decided to attack my right shoulder. Some people say it’s stress and I couldn’t exactly argue against that but things at work have calmed down so I would have expected this to calm down a little as well. Evidently I was wrong. 

 We wrote the supplementary exam on Monday. Normally after you chat to people, there is a general consensus and people basically have the same answer. This time however everyone had different answers and no one could really come to an agreement. I don’t think that bodes well. 
And of course things didn’t end there. I was busy with question four of the required and next thing I knew I was on question seven and they were announcing that there was half an hour left. I didn’t go back to see if I had written anything because I really wanted to finish off for a change. After wards, whine everyone was discussing the test, I just kept very quiet. 

Luckily I have a doctor’s appointment for monday…

Just a little catch up

It’s once again been a while since I’ve last visited the blogs. Work has once again been all consuming but things are finally starting to calm down. I’ve also spoken to the portfolio manger and said there’s no ways I can carry on this way and because there already is a manager shortage, they can’t afford to lose another one so they have taken some clients off my hands which should make life a bit easier. So what’s happened between then and now?

I passed the supp that I wrote on the 29th of July but then I went and failed the exam that we wrote on the 2nd of September. I have a chance to redeem myself on the 5th of October and hopefully all will go right this time. I can’t explain how frustrating this is for me. I was so used to getting good marks and since the last year of varsity basically all I’ve been doing is failing. I must say that it’s also a bit disheartening because I really just want to get all these tests out of the way. 

I’ve unfortunately had to go see the neuro again. My memory has gone down the gutter. I’m forgetting conversations that I’ve had which leads me to not doing work and constantly asking the same question over and over again. Sometimes I even ask people why they are doing things but it was actually me who told them to do it in the first place. My memory was never the greatest but it hasn’t been this bad. The thing that pushed me over the edge to go see him was when my shoulder started jerking. My jerks have always only been in my abs so to have it somewhere else was quite disturbing. It also made it very difficult to type so I had to do something about it. 

Off I headed to the neuro and we had the customary small talk. When it came to the health talk, he was quite surprised that the jerks had moved to another body part. He started drawing at straws and mentioned something called Segawa Syndrome which is a genetic disease that often affects Asians. He said that it’s highly unlikely that I have it because I don’t show the “classic” symptoms but I’m not classic now am I? He then turned to his computer and opened up YouTube so that we could watch some videos and see what this disease is actually like. I can assure you now that I have nothing like what those people have.

Once again we went walking around in the dark and he decided that we should give Simenet which is actually something that you’d give Parkinson’s patients. His theory is that because Parkinson’s can be classified as a movement disorder and I also have a movement disorder this would be my next best bet since the normal treatment hasn’t been working too well. So we’re going to give this a two week trial and see how it goes. 

I’ve taken Friday off so I can take a nice long weekend. I’ve got a mini spa day planned with some friends tomorrow where we’re gonna get a massage and facial. Then on Saturday I’m off to a Greek wedding which I think will be quite interesting. It’s nice to have something to look forward to for a change. 

Over the edge

Before I start moaning and groaning, I would like to share the good news that I passed the supplementary exam. I can’t explain how relieved I was when I found out. The idea of having to start this course from scratch again next year was not a very nice one. Now I need to start mentally preparing myself for the next exam on the 2nd of September. Luckily it’s a case study so there isn’t actual studying that needs to be done. 

So lately I’ve been working absolutely crazy hours and when I say crazy I mean the earliest I’ve switched off my work laptop is midnight. The one night, I practically pulled an all nighter because I only climbed into bed at 5:00 just so that I could get in an hour and a half of shut eye. I’ve taken Saturdays off because I know that if I don’t take a time out, I will break. Even with all these extra hours that I’ve put in, I’ve still received some hate mail and on Wednesday I basically lost it. I was so angry that I spent basically the whole day hyperventilating and I could feel that my blood pressure was very high.

Just to give a bit of background, one of the partners approached me in May to ask me to help him finish off an audit as the manager that was originally helping him had resigned. He thought I would be the perfect person to wrap things up because I had worked on that client during my three years as a trainee therefore he wouldn’t need to give me a long story so that I could get an understanding of the business. I told him that I was extremely busy but I could help him for a couple of days in July then he would have to wait for the beginning of September before I would be able to look at it again. He was really happy that I could help even though it was only at a later stage. Then on Monday I got this email. 

From: Partner

Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 6:10 PM

To: The Asian

Subject: RE: Audit progress

Hi The Asian, we really need to wrap June 2014 audit up now please. I see very little progress on that workspace, I am currently working 16 hour days 7 days a week, and have been for some time, I cannot allocate more time to do this work too. This is really urgent and has to be completed asap. I need you to wrap that engagement up quickly now. I still need to take the engagement quality reviewer through everything too.

And here was my response:

From: The Asian

Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 6:51 PM

To: Partner

Subject: RE: Audit progress

Hi Partner

I have been trying to put in hours to clear up the June 2014 audit however I’m struggling to find time with all the financial statements for my other client that I need to review as well.

The first year ticked up the financial statements but then we got the updated version on Friday and he said that there are quite a few differences when he compared the version that we originally had to the updated version. He also struggled to add up some of the numbers. I didn’t have a chance to look over it during the weekend as I had to do work for my board course which was more work than I expected.

I’m also putting in extra hours this week to try complete everything but I honestly can’t guarantee a date when I will be able to finish it all.

So on Monday and Tuesday night I dedicated about two hours because it seems like I’m a workaholic and that’s what I do. Then I got this email on Wednesday.

From: Partner

Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 10:36 AM

To: The Asian

Subject: RE: Audit progress

The Asian, I am afraid that is not acceptable anymore. You were the supervisor on this engagement, it was never completed, or even attempted to push to completion, even if with exception of the list of outstanding issues. It has been 2 months now since I asked you to wrap it up, while I do the leg work of auditing impairment tests, identifying rehab exclusions which you guys just completely missed. In these 2 months you have made very little progress.

We are out of time, I’ve been saying this many times, you need to prioritise, local stat accounts of your other clients cannot be as urgent as completing this, where we are the only ones holding up a R80 million deal. This is more urgent and important at this point. This has to be prioritised right now.

I completely lost it when I got this email. I am have emails that show I had been following up with these people until the end of January this year. Then another team went there in March and I was told that they would finish things off so naturally I didn’t really pay much attention because I had so many other things on my plate. What really pissed me off though was the fact that I told him that I would only really be able to help in August yet he made it sound as if I was working on it for the past two months and no progress had been made. A person can only take so much and that just pushed me off the edge and I was hanging on with just a couple of fingers. I was so fed up that I actually went and Googled resignation letter templates and I started typing it up. I know better than to do something when you’re all charged up though so the letter is now just sitting hidden away in one of my folders. 

On Thursday we had a client at our office to discuss things so I had to act as though I was working. On Friday however, I was on a complete go slow. I arrived at work late, I took a two and a half hour lunch break and I spent most of the day chatting to people around the office. The best part is that I didn’t feel bad about it at all.

Business as usual?

Now that it’s a long weekend, I finally have a bit of breathing space and I can take some time out to catch up on what’s been going on. 

I’ve once again been working crazy hours to try and get everything done. I made the biggest mistake of my short career so far this past week and when I say big, I mean R100 million big. The client wasn’t happy at all but thankfully it was just an accounting concept so it could easily be adjusted for without really hurting anyone. My senior manager was so mad at me that she refused to speak to me for two days after she had done the damage control. It was not a pleasant work environment but we have moved on and now we’re back to the good relationship that we had before.

I wrote the supplementary exam on the 29th of July and I’m still waiting for those results. I was extremely frustrated when I wrote because I didn’t manage to take my leave as previously planned. There were so many fires that needed to be put out at work that I only managed to get half of Tuesday off before we wrote instead of the whole of Monday and Tuesday. Luckily the exam was quite similar to the previous one and since I went through that memo quite thoroughly, I’m hoping for a positive result this time. 

On Monday I went to pay the neuro a visit. I have amazingly been able to stay away from him for three whole months and I was quite chuffed to point it out to him. I mentioned the memory lapses of late and he said that it’s most probably just side effects from my meds. However he also mentioned something else that is quite disturbing. He said I shouldn’t worry about it because it is very unlikely and that he was just grasping at straws but of course if he mentions it, I’ll start worrying about it. He said that there is a remote possibility that I might be showing signs of early onset Alzheimer’s. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor after he mentioned that because that’s how unbelievable I found it. He said that early onset is when you start showing symptoms before the age of 65 and the average age is around 40 but there have been patients that are much younger. Then he re-emphasised the fact that I shouldn’t stress about it. Now I feel like I have a dark cloud hanging over my head that’s never going to disappear. If he thinks it’s so unlikely, then why did he even bother mentioning it?

Also on the health front, my brother and I seem to be exchanging a cold between each other. As soon as the one person is better, the other person will get sick. I’ve tried boosting my immune system with some vitamin C but I haven’t had any luck so far. If that’s not bad enough, my shoulder is giving me problems as well. I don’t know if it’s just the cold that’s bothering it or if there’s something more sinister that’s causing it to hurt. I think I need to trade in my body for a new one. 

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom during my leave of absence from the blogs though. One of my friends got engaged during this time. The guy arranged for family and friends to get together and we went to a garden which we lit up with fairy lights and lanterns where he popped the question. I actually shed a tear or two and this was just the engagement so I can just imagine what I’m going to be like at the wedding.

Other than that, nothing interesting has happened in life. It’s just been business as usual. 

Memories and other things

It’s been an “interesting” two weeks since my last proper post.

There was my post on Friday about how I once again failed an exam. The supplementary exam for that is on the 29th and I’m going to have to take three days of my precious annual leave to prepare for that. We should get our papers back tomorrow with the memo so I can see where things went belly up and hopefully I can work on fixing them.

My shoulder finally feels like it’s actually healing. For the past few weeks it’s felt like dead weight but over the past few days I’ve been able to go through the day without my sling on for a number of hours, unless I do too much with it. That being said, I’m still unable to drink a whole mug of coffee on my injured side and that of course will be the biggest judge of how well it’s healed. 

At work, things are starting to get a crazy again. I’ve got five clients that I’m working on at the moment and everyone wants a piece of me so I’m a bit like a lost fart in a gas factory at the moment. I’ve tried to make lists of what needs to get done but then a “crisis” happens and I need to deal with that instead. I’m off to Rustenburg for the week so hopefully I’ll be able to just focus on that and finish the work there.

Onto the most distressing part of the past two weeks. On Monday morning I woke up and saw a message on my phone informing me that I had spent R1400 for a brain training app on my phone. I would NEVER spend that amount of money for something on my phone. I almost never spend anything for my phone and if I have, it’s never gone over R30. R1400 is basically groceries for the month and I would never in my right my mind spend that kind of money on something as this.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, today while driving home from the shops, I suddenly couldn’t remember the way home. The area seemed familiar but I could not for the life of me remember the route that I should take. I started driving around hoping that it would help jog my memory and after a couple of minutes I once again knew where I was heading. 

Then to add to that, over the past couple of weeks, there’s been two times where I’ve completely forgotten where I’ve parked my car. It wasn’t at my local mall but it was still somewhere that I go often enough that I should know the layout and where my car should be. 

After what seemed like a pretty good run, it seems like the trip to the neuro at the beginning of August is inevitable. 

Mine tour and food galore

I finally had a week that didn’t just consist of going to work then have the weekend pass by without me knowing where it’s actually gone.

I spent the last week working in Rustenburg. It was basically a normal work week except for the fact that we went on a mine tour on Friday. I must be honest and say that I think the only thing that makes my job worthwhile is being able to go on tours like this. Who else can say they’ve been down a gold and platinum mine, a gold tailings treatment plant as well as a blood lab?

I think the biggest difference between the gold and platinum mine is the way you travel down the shaft. In a gold mine, you use elevators while in a platinum mine, you travel in specially made “trucks”. It also seems to be much noisier down a platinum mine. What the mines have in common is that it is really hot and humid down there. 

It was really interesting to see how things work down there. Whoever came up with the machinery that they use down there must have put a lot of thought into how those things should manoeuvre and still do specific functions. We even got to “play” with the explosives that they use. One kind is little white balls that evaporate in water while the other is this waxy substance. The two are mixed in a certain way and then detonated in a calculated manner to try separate the ore from the waste. This is then transported to the conveyor belt which takes it to surface. We didn’t get the chance to see what happens above surface though.   

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been writing reviews in Zomato for different restaurants that I’ve visited. Last week I got an invite for a foodie meetup on Saturday and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to go. I need to meet new people and sharing a common interest is a great way to do it. Of course I was a bit apprehensive, I always am when I’m meeting new people, especially if they’re all strangers but I’m really glad that I went. 

We went to The Diner in Krugersdorp which is quite a distance to travel to meet complete strangers. The company and food made up for the drive though. We had good laughs accompanied by some really good food which made for a really good time. A starter platter that had grilled and fried halloumi, tempura prawns, Peru-peri chicken livers, calamari heads and nachos. I ate so much that I basically didn’t need to have a main course but since the owners were trying to showcase their food, there was no ways I could get away with not trying something so I went for the ribs. When the food came, I regretted my decision. The rack of ribs I had was almost as long as I am wide and there was so much meat on them. The t-bone and fish that others ordered was also huge.   


I had three ribs after which I asked the waitress to put the remaining food into a take away box (my brother and I had the leftovers for lunch today and there still is a bit left). We were the told that there was still dessert that we had to try out. I had already gone past the I’ve-eaten-so-much-I’m-going-to-pop phase so I decided that I might as well have dessert and go into a food coma. I had a Nutty Joe sundae while some of the others tackled the creme brulee and chocolate fondant.